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17-11-2020 / 205 x bekeken
Marktconforme betaling/vergoeding , 18-30 , Man , Zeer ervaren , Redelijk ervaren of opgeleid , Student / in opleiding , Onervaren / nieuw talent
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Looking for a Scientist

We, De Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam VU, are looking for an improvisation actor who can play a scientist in an educational video. You will be one of four scientist characters who will be recorded. The total film duration - which you are part of - will be about 10 minutes. We will use the film material only in our teaching, to allow students to reflect on their work as a researcher. So it’s not for commercial purposes. Language: English.

Would you like to join? If yes, would you have time? Location is VU University in Amsterdam.


About the scientist role we have in mind. You are the entrepreneur kind of researcher. In contrast with what most people think when they hear the word ‘researcher’, this role entails a ‘business kind of researcher’. Meaning, in suit or shirt, working on a data driven project, developing an App that could help (citizens, the government and/or companies) in tackling a climate change related challenge.

It helps if you have an academic background. So that you understand and can use the terminology and concepts. And you must speak fluent english!

The recordings will take half a day ( 4 or 5 hours ) and are in consultation with your availability. We would like to record before the end of this month.

Wat bieden wij?
We offer 300 euros plus VAT for the half day of the recordings. Plus the travel costs.

In the shoot, we will ask you three questions to which you, in your role, will provide an answer. The texts are semi-scripts for your character. This means, you are free to fill-in or adjust the exact words and sentences to your own preferences; the keywords are the most important. If the keywords are well-represented in your answers, we are happy!

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