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23-12-2021 / 186 x bekeken
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What will you be doing?
You will be assigned to projects in which you are the link between our post-production department and all other involved departments (specifically project management, production and creation). You analyse concepts well before the shoot, request necessary files, set up briefings and delivery sheets and support the editor from start to finish. You will report to our post production supervisor who currently oversees a team of post producers and editors together with our lead editor.

Our post-production department follows a bespoke workflow that you should live and breathe; the postdeck (our briefing bible template with script, artwork, planning and feedback) is your best friend and the delivery sheet with an overview of all assets and their specs your partner in crime. While this workflow is holy to us, you are encouraged to continually and critically assess it. Video production is an ever evolving field of expertise that requires a willingness to explore it further technologically.

Amsterdam/remote during covid

Our Post-Production team is looking for an experienced and digitally minded Dutch-speaking Post-Producer to join the team. If you’re a puzzler extraordinaire who knows what our editors need to create large-scale social campaigns with hundreds of assets in a blink of a second and you’re passionate about video and technology then we’re looking for you!

Who are we looking for?
There are a few key qualities that can be directly linked to the tasks you will be carrying out. For this position we are looking for someone with 3-4 years of experience in a similar role (preferably post producer in an advertising agency); someone who can dream codecs and containers, has seen a fair share of different open files and has experience with advising creative teams from a post point of view. Next to this, our ideal candidate is organised and has eye to detail as you need to juggle hundreds of assets whilst a no-stress attitude is also crucial when working towards a deadline. And just when you thought you had it all planned out, a file delivery may be delayed, which means you need to be solution-minded, flexible and communicate very efficiently in order to save the project. Strong social skills form the glue that keeps everything you do together.

Let's get started! We look for a freelancer and for a permanent colleague, maybe more. A lot of work is coming our way so expect to be busy for a month or two at least. And let's see what the future brings us!

Functie eisen / profiel
At the basis of it all is:

● 3-4 years of experience in a similar role in an advertising agency (as mentioned above)
● A strong interest in video and technology (nerds are cool nowadays)
● A healthy dose of perfectionism
● Can read and write in Dutch and English (must)
● Experience in video editing (bonus)

Wat bieden wij?
What do we have to offer?
A challenging job in a vibrant workspace and more clichés. You’ll receive a competitive pay, awesome company outings and a discount on your ClassPass. Our Amsterdam Noord office is bursting with life and creative energy on a daily basis, and somehow, we always manage to skip through the madhouse with a smile on our faces. Working at Boomerang is a party, and we’ll bring the glitter. If it’s your birthday, that is. Interested? Apply through the button below.

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