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Sanne Bakkes
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06-12-2022 / 95 x bekeken
Onkostenvergoeding (bv reisvergoeding) , 18-30 , 30-50 , Man
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Casting Call creative Short Film [David]

We are third years film students that are looking for two cast members for our short film. Please see the synopsis below:

David left his social life behind to start a job as a forester. He prefers to be alone and craves peace. This peace is roughly interrupted by his boss Sarah, as she continuously bugs him over an old walkie-talkie. David has a hard time opening up but as time passes he starts feeling more comfortable around her. He starts to adjust to his new life and falls into a simplistic daily routine. One night Sarah wakes him up to watch a meteor shower, but when he goes outside he is startled by a strange sound. Behind him he finds a door in the middle of the woods. David is confused, and decides to come back the next day, but as he returns the door has disappeared. When making his way back the door reappears and seems to be following him. Together with Sarah he tries to figure out what exactly is going on, until one day the door appears completely opened before him. When David enters through the door he finds himself in a strange room where he is confronted with himself.

Netherlands and Germany

Character profile

Age: around 40 years old (there is a possibility to use a younger actor)

Gender: Male

Looks: David is a strong, fit man of middle age. He has a bit of a “scruffy look”, think longer hair and a beard/mustache.

Personality traits: Sullen, isolated, avoidant, unreachable, closed, simple, not very easily impressed, friendly once you get to know him.

Background: Stuck in a 9 to 5 office job, familial obligations and societal pressures, David decides he cannot stand it anymore. Rather than facing his fears and insecurities he leaves everything behind and chooses a rather solitary existence. He takes a job as a forester, with only the companionship of his boss Sarah over a second-hand walkie-talkie he starts an absurdist journey towards self-discovery.


5 shooting days over 3 months
23/01/2023 [Germany]
24/01/2023 [Germany]
20/02/2023 [Netherlands]
21/02/2023 [Netherlands]
20/03/2023 [Netherlands]

Previous acting experience is highly valued
Actor needs to be fluent in English [strong preference for a native speaker]

Wat bieden wij?
What’s included: travel expenses {accommodation, transportation} & catering. As this is a student production there is no budget for compensation.

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