Rafael Romero

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Rafael Romero
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24-06-2023 / 210 x bekeken
Lowbudget betaald (naast onkosten ook betaling) , 50+ , Vrouw

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Actress Wanted. Age 60/70 YO.


Short film.

Antonio Fernandez “Tony” is a professional athlete currently training for his first Olympic games. The only son of
athletes, a Spanish mother, and a Cuban father, he decides to travel to Havana to meet his father for the first time.
Upon returning to Madrid, he receives unexpected news that will make him question his reasons to run.

Tony, the main character, is represented by a subjective camera. All scenes are viewed through his gaze, from
his perspective. The scenery and locations are contemporary, with domestic aesthetics and natural lighting. Most of
the short is based on the image of Antonio “Tony” training on athletics tracks. All the conversations are interspersed
between his training days.

The narrative treatment is based on the interpretation of the spectator as the protagonist/voyeur of the story. Tony
does not speak, in contact with the characters, the camera is used as a visual resource, thus transforming it into a
protagonist. An interaction with the characters is intuited through the language established in the frame with the
texts of the other actors. The color palette is contrasted by context, using warm tones for the scene in Havana and
cool tones for the scenes shot in Madrid. This contrast tries to convey the emotional position of the protagonist in
each context. The exterior records propose an emphasis on the architectural comparison between the two cities,
thus expressing the similarities in the ancestral baggage.


Looking for an actress aged between 60/70 for a scene in a short film. No text, only actions to be performed. Conversation between the mother and son although the text is a voice-over. The actress is embodying Antonio's mother. They're both at home, she's talking to him and he's looking at her doing domestics tasks.


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250EUR (incl. VAT) Payment + Diet and Transport. 6 hours shooting.

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