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Jayden Rolling
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04-03-2024 / 161 x bekeken
Onbetaald , 18-30 , 30-50 , Vrouw , Man
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Frankenfather is a satirical comedic drama that tackles the struggles of addiction in an experimental and goofy landscape. All the characters have animal masks that represent their inner psyche and how they are perceived by the society around them.
The story revolves around a pigeon man who becomes addicted to frankfurters from the fictional brand, FRANKENFATHER. Throughout his addiction, he becomes more and more disconnected from his personal life and daily routine. The others around him also notice his disarray and erratic behaviors.
In its essence, it’s a story of how addiction can destroy someone’s life, but it’s told in a very silly, and maybe almost upbeat way. It’s a physically comedic but dramatic story.

We are heavily reliant on physical comedy as there is no speaking and no facial expressions.
Applicants must be open to performing with animal face masks.

Undetermined in The Netherlands

Pigeon Man
To play approximately 20-35

Pigeon Man is just an average pigeon-man hybrid living an average life. He has a boring job, a girlfriend, a nice home, and a good sense of style. His clothing is very important to him, he doesn’t seem to have many hobbies other than biking and playing chess with his girlfriend. He lives his life happily, although he always felt something was missing. It felt dry and empty, eating breadcrumbs every day, not doing anything new. Then he finds out about FRANKENFATHER.

To play approximately 20-35

Robin is Pigeon Man’s girlfriend. She is smarter than him, better looking than him, and always beats him at chess. She is Pigeon Man’s only friend. She knows she can do better than Pigeon Man, but settles anyway. She doesn’t want to live with Pigeon Man or spend too much time with him, just one chess game per day, which she always wins. Then she sends him on the way.

Pig Cop
To play approximately 30-50

Pig sees Pigeon Man’s fall from grace from the most distant perspective of all the characters. He is just someone Pigeon Man waves hello to on his way to work. But his civil and kind demeanor changes along with Pigeon Man's downfall.

Horse Boss
To play approximately 30-50

Pigeon Man’s boss, he is a very professional man. We know nothing about him except that he wears suits and is extremely punctual. If there is one thing he hates, it is being late. He hates it compulsively.

Various dates between the 11th and 29th of April.

Wat bieden wij?
Payment heavily depends on our crowdfunding but travel expenses to shooting location(s) will be paid.

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